Sign the Petition



Sign this letter to the President, thanking him for his work and encouraging him to continue to fight for the policies he ran on.

Dear President Trump,

We’re signing this petition because we don’t believe the liberal media. We know you are working hard to fulfill the promises you made to the American people during the election.

While almost the entire media has united against you, we continue to stand with you.

The confirmation of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is a great victory. Thank you for nominating him to the Supreme Court and helping to preserve Justice Scalia's legacy on the Court.

The Executive Orders you’ve signed to reform and limit government are another example of the your ongoing commitment to do what you said you would.

And we stand with you as you work to secure our borders, repeal Obamacare, balance the budget, achieve real tax reform, eliminate Common Core, rein in the EPA, and generally drain the swamp that Washington, DC has become.

The media continues to undercut your efforts, and blames your allies like the House Freedom Caucus and Steve Bannon. The media elites have joined forces with the Democrats, and they are presenting a united opposition to stop you in an effort to destroy your presidency.

You witnessed first-hand during the election what the media and the professional chatter class does and how they operate. And they are continuing those same attacks.

But while they attack, we are joined with you to fulfill your campaign promises. We are ready to help you fund the border wall. We are ready to help you energize our economy with real tax reform. 

In short, we are ready to help you Make America Great Again. 

Please don’t abandon your principles or your allies. Conservatives in Congress fought for you this fall when many in the establishment were preparing for a Hillary Clinton coronation. People like Steve Bannon and others were fighting for you when others didn’t want to stand with you or defend our shared agenda.

Mr President, please help us help you realize your vision to Make America Great Again.